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Bridgewater Fire Department Band

81 Dominion St. Bridgewater. Nova Scotia

Thursday August 18th

The next morning, a relaxed and very happy crew set out for the city of York for sightseeing and to perform an open-air concert hosted by the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.  In some ways, the open-air concert, simply because it was more relaxed, seemed to go even better than the formal gala concert the night before.  Many hundreds of people milled about as the band began to play.  So impressed was one gentleman that he inquired of Lee Whitworth if the band were available for hire.  “Certainly, sir,” he replied.  “How much, then?”  “Oh, about £500.00 for the concert … and an additional  £30,000.00 for transportation.  They’re not local, you know!”

The day concluded with a festive supper at one of Bradford’s famous Indian curry houses and with presentations made by both bands.  In particular, Bridgewater Fire Chief Wayne Thorburne was presented with a white English-style fire helmet (which is quite different in design from what is in common use in North America).  To say a good time was had by all is a huge understatement.