"High Seas" custom chess set

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The Bridgewater Fire Department Band is pleased to offer this unique chess set and board custom-made as a fund raiser for the band’s trip to Europe in 2020. 

The chess pieces have been meticulously crafted by a band member from Famous Tall Ship teak. The pieces range in carefully graduated sizes from 4.8 cm by 2.2 cm (pawns) to 9.0 cm by 3.2 cm (Kings).

The teak being a dense wood gives each piece wonderful heft, and the rich grain is prominent in both the plain-varnished pieces and the opposing dark-oak-stained pieces.

The chess board measures 40 cm by 40cm (+edging) by 3 cm. It is built on an oak-veneer plywood core (to prevent warping) with the board squares cut from heavily weathered beach-combed boards showing the texture and wear of time and tide of the North Atlantic. It is edged in teak to match the chess pieces.

More than 80 hours have been given to its construction and this set will be prized and enjoyed by chess enthusiasts who have an affinity for chess on the High Seas. 

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This set is on offer for $1000 (plus insurance and shipping if applicable) and comes with a charitable receipt for $600.  The entire  proceeds will go towards the band trip, as all time and material have been donated. Contact for more information and viewing.